"Wrapped for TikTok", "Wrapped for Apple Health", "Wrapped for DoorDash" and "Wrapped for Instagram" are a series of websites that allow users to generate a "Spotify Wrapped"-like slideshow for their other services.

Especially "Wrapped for TikTok" has seen a lot of success after multiple TikTok videos covering the website went viral, resulting in over 2 million Wrapped generated since launch.

Lessons learned

With "Wrapped for TikTok" quickly gaining popularity, I've learned a lot about scaling web apps. The website is hosted on Vercel, which itself scaled very well, but the amount of users quickly exceeded bandwith limits. To help with reducing bandwith usage, a migration to CloudFlare has been done while keeping downtime to a few minutes during the migration.

Build with

Build with NextJS, TailwindCSS and Spotify Embed API.